Chilling video of school kid getting hit by vehicle after carelessly dashing across the road

A boy dashes across the road to get to the other side, only to get hit by a car which was zooming by and it has created a debate about who to blame.

Sebarkan Berita posted a video of a boy carrying a haversack, running across the road before getting knocked down by a car which caused so much impact that he laid motionless on the road. 

The video has been viewed on Facebook more than eight million times and also showed another boy heading towards him after the accident. 

The post did not include any other details however, comments about who should be blamed has started a feud. 

With some blaming the boy, others are blaming the driver because that might be a school zone at which it is required of him to slow down. 

There are also those who are blaming on the caretaker of the child who did not keep a look out. 

Watch the video below.