Chengdu students watch as school officials smash their confiscated electronic appliances with an axe

This Chengdu school's brutal way of punishing students who bring prohibited items onto premises has created much controversy.

Hair dryers, rice cookers, kettles and other electronic items were smashed by school officials using an axe while the students watched.

The Chengdu daily reported that the students were unhappy with the school officials' decision and argued that while the items could be confiscated, the officials had no right to destroy them.

Although the school explained that a majority of the items were confiscated from students who had graduated, although one student remarked: "My hair dryer could be in there. These items were all bought with our money. "

The school's principal told reporters: "We do allow electronic appliances like hair dryers. But we have to ensure the students' safety and not allow appliances above 800 volts."

According to legal experts, officials were not allowed to dispose the students' provisions at will as both sides were equal in the eye of the law.