Check out woman's amazing transformation after downloading fitness app and quitting junk food for 3 months

Do you have a moment when you look in the mirror and do not recognise yourself from all the years of neglecting your body? If your answer is yes, it is time to make changes.

According to Life Buzz, this was what happened to Seana Forbes from Scotland after she gained weight during her university years. 

Seana admitted to waking up one day, realising she saw "the reflection of a person I didn't want to be". 

Determined to lose weight, she started by downloading a fitness program app, which helped her lose weight and get back into shape. 

Seana would wake up an hour before work to exercise and she said,

"It was tough, way tougher than i expected." 

However, she "did not allow things like rain, darkness or cold weather stop me."

She also did not touch alcohol, junk food and reduced her intake of carbohydrates. 

Although the exercise was tiring and hard, Seana found eating healthy the most difficult. 

She said,

"I really craved all the unhealthy things I was used to but the stricter I was with myself, the easier it became."

Seana went from 155 pounds (70kg) to 126 pounds (57kg) in 14 weeks and she admitted that it was all the small changes, like not putting sugar in her coffee and taking the stairs instead of the lift, that made a huge difference in the end. 

She confessed,

"I'm more outgoing, confident, happier and focused. I'm more driven at work and outgoing in my social life."