Car owners refuse to let go of parking attendant in Malaysia after claiming she hurt woman's arm

A parking attendant was harassed by a woman for allegedly hurting her arm and also by a man who was trying to get a picture of her in Malaysia.

In the All Singapore Stuff Facebook below, the parking attendant, a woman, is seen being grabbed by the shirt by a woman with short hair and a dark blue sleeveless blouse. 

The parking attendant then tries to move away, but is blocked a man wearing a light grey shirt. 

The video also shows the man holding up his phone and attempting to take photos of the parking attendant, while the woman continues to grab hold of the parking attendant. 

The parking attendant's work partner, also blocked by the man, tried to intervene and successfully handed her a phone to (possibly) call their manager or the authorities. 

In the video, the parking attendant tries to break free from the woman and the man, but ends up being cornered, unable to move away from her harassers. 

Towards the end of the video, a man wearing a red helmet came over and said, "She (parking attendant) is just doing her job", and tried to stop the duo from harassing the parking attendant. 

The parking attendant and her work partner eventually left the scene. 

See what happened in the video below. 

Will you help a 'saman aunty' if you see one being bullied in public?

In early August, Stompe conducted a social experiment to find out how the public will react when they see a 'saman aunty' getting abused.

We got an angry driver who had just received a parking summons to yell at a parking aunty who issued it. This scene was staged at public carparks at Ang Mo Kio Central and Bugis MRT Station.

Apart from getting the 'angry driver' to verbally abuse our poor parking aunty, we also asked him to shove and push her. 

There were those watched but did nothing, and there were those who had the courage to stand up to our bully.

See what happened in the video below.