Can you help this netizen save his plates? The Internet is puzzled over this viral photo

A Taiwanese man's photo showing precariously placed plates has the Internet scratching their heads, wondering how  the cutlery could be saved.

Tseng Shao-Tsen posted the photo of cutlery pressed up against the door of the cupboard on Baoliao Commune, a Facebook community page, last week. He told The Daily Mail that the photo was taken by his friend who is a stay-at-home mother.

The post reads: "The cupboard that can never be opened. Let bygones be bygones, buy new plates."

Users provided a multitude of suggestions, from laying the cupboard on its side to putting pillows on the ground before opening the door and even cracking a glass panal.

However, Tseng told the Daily Mail that his friend had managed to open the cupboard safely by opening the door slightly and holding the plates before she pushed the door further.

He said: "All plates were safe."