Bloody images of baby dolphin butchered on street in China will make you sick to the core

Netizens were horrified after photos of a butchered baby dolphin on a street in Zhuhai, China, started circulating online.

In one of the images, the severed head of the dolphin can be seen in a Styrofoam box filled with ice.

Another photo shows two men cutting up what is believed to be the body of the small mammal.

Netizens reacted angrily to the shocking photos after they were posted online.

According to Shanghaiist, Weibo users said that authorities should do a better job of protecting aquatic creatures. Some have also called for the prosecution of those involved in the slaughter of the dolphin.

One netizen said that instead of dolphin, those involved should be "eating prison food" for years.

Local police said that they have collected the remains of the dolphin's body and have issued summonses for the three suspects involved.