Billionaire Jack Ma denies pledging financial support for 8-year-old doppelganger until the boy graduates from college

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma has issued a official statement to dispel the recent rumours that he will be financially supporting a 8-year-old lookalike, Fan Xiaoqin, until the boy finishes his university. 

Although the news of his charitable spirit went viral yesterday, an official statement from Ma himself have clarified that the story was fabricated according to Shanghaiist

Said the billionaire:

“The news is completely false.” 

Many Chinese netizens have jokingly theorised that the story was sparked by a false paternity test.

The 8-year-old Fan Xiaoqin first became famous on social media for his striking resemblance to Jack Ma, and also his lowly family background. 

While that means that the young boy will have to fend for himself, with any luck, he’ll be as successful as Ma himself when he grows up.