'Avengers' team track down their trainer's ex-boyfriend who cheated on her to retrieve her things and get revenge

Three universities' rugby linebackers, a college wrestler, two martial artists, a bodybuilder and a Navy seal are a force to be reckoned with, especially if you cheat on their trainer.

Their trainer just broke up with her boyfriend who refused to give her all things back without a meet up. 

So, her students decided to retrieve her items for her without her knowledge.

Screenshots of a tumblr post were posted on Hipster England's Facebook page and was captioned as 'the best thing thing I've read all day' by Hipster Monaco. 

No violence was involved but a lot of passive hostility was shown until the ex-boyfriend got what he deserved.

Sweet revenge was served and eight people who did not know each other formed a camaraderie.

A netizen commented, "This is literally the most beautiful and thrilling tale. From start to finish."

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