Another driver goes against traffic in Malaysia, 1 day after teen on drugs killed driver on highway

Facebook user Jacky Loo recently uploaded a video onto his page, showing a black car JKM5568 which was being driven against traffic in Malaysia. 

Apparently, the video was taken by a dashboard camera on Jacky's vehicle as he was driving.

In the video, the black car can be seen going in the opposite direction as other vehicles steered to avoid it.

The driver was not shown to be attempting a turn to readjust the vehicle back into the regular traffic flow, simply continuing down the lane. 

Said Jacky in an accompanying caption:

“Is this how drivers these days drive?”

The video has also enraged netizens, many of whom felt the driver’s actions were reckless and uncalled for.

Said one netizen:

“If someone sees this driver, please treat him to a slap or punch to wake him up.”

The exact venue and timing of the video cannot be ascertained. 

This comes in light of a high profile case in which a 19-year-old girl who was allegedly on drugs drove against traffic on the PLUS Highway in Sungai Dua, and killed a newlywed driver.