Anhui man, 28, brings beautiful Ukrainian bride, 22, back home to China for traditional wedding

An unlikely couple and their traditional wedding ceremony has caught the attention of netizens as well as made waves online.

According to Shanghaiist, the groom is 28-year-old Gao Tianyu, who moved from Anhui to Ukraine to study after he graduated from high school.

After finishing his education, Gao stayed on to start a business.

One fateful day four years ago, he spotted a beautiful local, 22-year-old Alina, who made his heart skip a beat.

Summoning all his courage, he struck up a conversation with her and has now made her his bride.

After working and living together in Ukraine, the couple recently moved back to China to get married as well as settle down.

In 2014, a Hubei man of humble beginnings made waves online when he wedded a gorgeous Ukrainian woman.

Check out images of both couples in the gallery above.