Alibaba CEO Jack Ma to support his 8-year-old lookalike until the boy graduates from university

What are the chances of meeting someone who looks exactly like you?

For 8-year-old Fan Xiaoqin, who gained internet fame last year for looking uncannily like Alibaba Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jack Ma, he probably has his lucky stars to thank. 

According to Shanghaiist, Jack Ma is planning to use the money he had earned from another record-breaking Singles Day shopping bonanza to provide financial support for Xiaoqin until he graduates from university. 

Xiaoqin is living in poverty in Jiangxi's Yongfeng county.

His mother is sick, his father is missing a leg and his grandmother has developed Alzheimer's.

Even with the biggest shopping day of the year on the minds of most, some netizens saved a bit of room in their heart for "Mini Ma," posting pictures and videos of the boy, urging the Alibaba founder to help his doppelganger out.

When Jack Ma first saw images of Xiaoqin, even he was startled by the striking resemblance.

Said Jack Ma: 

"The first time I saw this boy, I thought my family had uploaded my childhood picture."

Who says looks do not matter in life?