80 falcons get a personal seat on a plane -- and it is not the first time

Flying in an airplane were 80 falcons which made the situation ironic and peculiar, not to mention hilarious. 

A photo of 80 falcons put down comfortably on seats in a plane were posted on Reddit by lensoo which received it from his friend who is a captain. 

The caption reads, "Saudi prince bought tickets for his 80 hawks."

A fellow Redditor pointed out how the flight is probably not of Qatar economy since its policy states that only six falcons are allowed in economy class at a time.

Another Redditor shared a post made four years ago, depicting the very same scene. 

According to Mashable via AsiaOne, in the Middle East, this strange scene is not so strange as falconry has been described as an 'ancient tradition' for the 'privileged' in areas like Saudi Arabia but it remains unclear why anyone would need this many birds of prey.