250kg Malaysian man carried by 20 people and rushed to ICU: He's determined to lose 100kg

The Star / Asia News Network
Thursday, Nov 03, 2016

The grossly overweight man, Sia Chi Herng, is determined to shed about 100kg from his 250kg weight by watching his diet and taking to exercise once he is able to do so.

Sia had to be rushed to the hospital's ICU here on Sept 21 with breathing difficulties and chest pain.

Up to 20 people had to carry him on a thick bedsheet from his home to a lorry that sent him to the hospital.

After a month, the 33-year-old has recovered and is undergoing physiotherapy to help him walk and shed weight.

Met at his ward yesterday, a beaming Sia said he was able to breathe better now.

"I can eat two meals a day now. The hospital physiotherapists are seeing me twice a day, guiding me with physio treatment like sit-ups, and hand exercises.

"Doctors and nurses have also been visiting me regularly to check on the progress of my health," said Sia, who was separated from other patients in a room for palliative care.

Medical tests show his cholesterol level is not high, and neither is his sugar level.

His mother, Kho Kee Sieng, 63, has been by his bedside since he was out of the ICU.

Sia attributed his recovery to the "excellent care" provided by the hospital.

"I want to slim down and be like a normal person. I want to go home," he said.

He will have to see how his left leg responds to physio treatment before he can be discharged from the hospital.

"I have to use my right leg more as the other leg is only for balancing," he added.

Sia said he took the advice of M. Balaji, who shed 145kg from his 318kg frame, seriously.

Balaji from Sungai Buloh advised Sia to stay positive and trust the team of doctors who were treating him.

Meanwhile, UPP Dudong Wo­­men's Wing chairperson Kapi­tan Connie Loh donated RM500 to Sia to help with his medical bills.

Loh will also help Kho apply for monthly financial assistance from the Welfare Department.

Currently, Sia and his mother are relying on Sia's 36-year-old electrician brother for support.