23-year-old Chinese socialite lives in $860k condo and gets $40k monthly allowance: 'It's not my fault I was born rich'

Blanche Yuan has captivated the interest of netizens with her lavish lifestyle.

She is known to be one of China's famous Fuerdai, children of rich parents who seem to have an endless supply of money.

According to The Coverage, she recently attracted haters by flaunting her luxurious sports cars, custom-made dresses and hanging with other rich kids.

The 23-year-old socialite is currently enrolled at a private university in Washington, DC and lives in a lush $860,000 condominium bought for her by her parents.

She also reportedly receives a monthly allowance of $40,000.

Her parents also invested close to $700,000 for her desire to become an entrepreneur and start up her own investment firm.

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According to the South China Morning Post, she spoke out against the negative attention wealthy Chinese have received:

“Recently, the hostility towards wealthy Chinese has got worse. We are loathed. 

"Although I have some super-rich friends living in huge houses and with piles of luxury watches, many also work hard building their own businesses.

“Most of them are enterprising and have a lot of aspiration. 

"We were born into a rich environment through no fault of our own. 

Different living environments nurture people with different characteristics and lifestyles.”

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