22-year-old English backpacker held captive and raped for 2 months while touring Australia

A 22-year-old female English backpacker was allegedly adducted, held captive and raped repeatedly for two months by a man while she was touring Australia, only managing to escape thanks to a timely inspection by a police patrol car.

The Australian police discovered the tourist last Sunday (Mar 5), at a small town in the division of Mitchell, Brisbane in Australia, during an inspection on a suspicious car.

The haggard-looking victim had injuries on her face, and looked to be in pain, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

After the police did a thorough search of the vehicle, they discovered a 22-year-old man hiding in a depression on the road, a short distance away from the car. 

Upon investigation, the officers found that the victim had been held against her consent and was repeatedly beaten and raped in the last two months. 

The victim also suffered injuries on many parts of her body, including fractures, lacerations and bruises.

She is currently receiving treatment. 

The police said that the victim and the accused met in Cairns three months ago, and had agreed to go on a road trip together. 

The accused then revealed his true intentions and between Jan 2 and Mar 5, 2017, sexually assaulted the victim at various locations within Queensland. 

Each time the victim attempted to flee, she realised that she was lost in a unfamiliar place and could not escape. 

The man has been charged with four counts of rape, eight counts of assault, four counts of strangulation and two counts of holding a person against her will. 

He also faces various other drug related charges.