21-year-old 'Rich kid of Instagram' cheats death during horrific accident on Christmas

Rich kid of Instagram 'Lord Aleem Iqbal' was involved in a horrifying car crash on Christmas (Dec 25).

According to The Daily Mail, the 21-year-old millionaire's white SUV was crashed into by a black Audi in Birmingham, England, during a hit-and-run.

He survived the accident and shared pictures of his mangled car on social media following what happened.

Photos of the accident featured on Acid Cow show the rear of his SUV totally smashed,

Railings can also be seen jutting out from the back of his white car.

He wrote on Instagram:

"Those metal railings could have been through my chest and today I wouldn't be here.

"That's would of been the end of my story. God really looked over me last night."

He also wrote on Twitter:

"Cheated death last night... Driver did a hit and run... Typical."

A photo of a black car believed to be the Audi was also uploaded onto social media. Its bonnet was severely damaged during the accident.

See what happened in the gallery above.