2 women collapse on Shanxi street after epic 8-hour argument

Two women in China's Shanxi province had an argument in public for a whopping eight hours, before passing out on the spot.

According to Shanghaiist, they had been shouting at each other over a debt settlement under the hot sun and without any food or water.

Although the enraged women had called the police two hours into their dispute, they were advised to settle their claims in court, which they refused.

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When police officers returned to the scene around eight hours later at 10pm, they found both females unconscious on the street. One of them had foam coming out of her mouth and was incontinent.

They are currently in stable condition after being taken to the hospital.

Netizens are more amused than anything else over the whole incident, especially at the positions in which the women had fainted in.

"Holy shit, I will never again underestimate the desire women have to win an argument," one user wrote online.