11-year-old American boy channels inner Dragon Ball Z to survive over 400 stings in bee attack: "You can call me Vegeta"

An 11-year-old boy, Andrew Kunz from Phoenix, USA miraculously survived after getting stung over 400 times by a colony of Africanised bees — by channeling a character, Vegeta from his favourite anime series, ‘Dragon Ball Z’.

The boy and his friends accidentally stirred the bees when they shot at an old rusted car with BB guns, not knowing that a hive had taken up residence inside the vehicle, reports Kotaku.

The royally pissed off swarm proceeded to sting the boy over 400 times. 

Kunz recounted the terrifying and immensely painful experience:

“All I could think of at that time was to use ‘Full Force Power’.”

"I'm Andrew, but you can call me Vegeta."

‘Full Force Power’ is a move featured prominently in ‘Dragon Ball Z’. 

Effectiveness of the move aside, we might have to agree that Kunz might be a Saiyan after all. 

Watch a video interview with the kid below.