Friends looking to reconnect with 3 women from their squad after losing touch in the 1970s

Submitted by Stomper Jane

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Stomper Jane and her six friends are looking to reconnect with another three women who had been part of their clique back in the day.

The women, a group of 11 (one of whom has passed on), are former colleagues who were last in contact sometime between 1974 and 1976.

Besides Jane, the six friends are:

  1. Lee Boon Hiang, Manlly
  2. Yap Eng Lam
  3. Ho Soo Hiang
  4. Nala Govindasamy
  5. Chan Yoke Foong
  6. Helena Loh

They are looking for:

  1. Seetoh Wai Leng
  2. Lam Foong Chee Connie
  3. Rohana

Standing, left to right: Wong MY (deceased), Lam Foong Chee Connie, Nalayini Govidasamy, Yap Eng Lam, Jane Leong, Ho Soo Hiang, Chan Yoke Foong Christina. Sitting, left to right: Lee Boon Hiang, Seetoh Wai Leng, Rohana. Not pictured: Helena Loh

Jane, who is affectionately known as Janet, said: "This is a photograph taken sometime in late 1974 or early 1975. We were at Rohana's residence, at the void deck in Marine Parade.

"We may have been in black and white photos, but you can find colourful memories in them (雖然我們一直在拍攝黑白照片, 但您會在其中找到美好的回憶).

"My friends and I hope to catch up with everyone as we are already past half a century. We had worked together, ate together, played together and laughed together.

"I hope that by sharing this on Stomp, someone will recognise the three women and get them to re-establish contact with us.

"On behalf of my friends, we thank you."

If you are any of the women or have any information about them, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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