Friends in China come up with 'cash burning' game to see who's richer, get fined

Two Chinese men were slapped with a fine after they were caught burning money on a video, which has since gone viral. 

The two were part of a group and had gone out drinking in Anhui’s Tianchang County to celebrate one of their friends buying a new home, reports Shanghaiist

During the meal, the two reportedly got into a dispute over who was richer, and one of them proposed a ‘cash burning’ game to decide the winner. 

Soon the two were taking out 100 yuan ($21) notes and lighting them on fire with a lighter. 

It is unclear how much cash was burnt. 

The entire process was captured on video by a member of the group, who uploaded the clip on Chinese social media. 

The clip has since gone viral and inevitably, caught the attention of local authorities. 

For destroying currency, the two men were fined 1,000 yuan ($210).