Fret not! Motorists rush to aid of biker who fell during rain at Dairy Farm Exit

Submitted by Stomper Sherlynn

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Yes, even the rain and gloom does not stop people from being helpful and kind.

Stomper Sherlynn experienced this firsthand when she saw three people rush to help a motorcyclist who had fallen at Dairy Farm Exit.

The Stomper said the motorcyclist had fallen due to the bout of rain that had made the roads slippery, between 3 to 3.30pm on Saturday (Mar 25).

"Three helpful men stopped to help the biker," said Sherlynn.

"They pushed the bike to the side of the road and held the biker up."

"The motorcyclist was able to get back on the bike with the help of the kind passers-by and ride off despite having an injured leg."

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