Former Japanese AV star Sola Aoi pregnant with first child

After announcing her marriage on social media in January this year to a man she described as "neither handsome nor rich", former porn actress Sola Aoi has made another big announcement.

The Japanese star revealed on her Instagram on Dec 12 that she is pregnant with her first child with DJ Non.

She wrote in her post: "Finally an angel came to me!"

She added that she is now five months pregnant and is expected to give birth in May next year.

"I am anxious about my first pregnancy," the 35-year-old admitted in her blog post, as reported by the Tokyo Reporter via Philippine Daily Inquirer.

She added that she has experienced morning sickness due to her pregnancy, and is expected to give birth in May next year.

In a blog post published earlier this year after announcing her marriage, Sola wrote she does not regret making adult films and is not embarrassed about how society views them or her.

She described her husband as an "awesome guy" for accepting her and her past.