Former Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa is taken: Here's more about the lucky guy

Japanese celebrity Maria Ozawa, 31, is off the market.

According to The Coverage, the former adult star is currently seeing 30-year-old Filipino actor and chef Jose Sarasola.

Although the couple has not explicitly announced their relationship, they have been posting photos of each other on their Instagram accounts recently.

One photo the both of them posted also had a heart emoji as a caption.

According to Sarasola's Instagram, he is a chef and an owner of a sports bar in Parañaque, The Philippines.

He was also a former contestant of Pinoy Fear Factor, and has been cast in small roles in several movies and television programs.

Friends and fans alike have left congratulatory messages on both Sarasola's and Ozawa's social media accounts.

Have a look at photos of the couple in the gallery above.