Foreign vehicle owners with unpaid fines may be refused exit from Malaysia come Jan 2018

Come January 2018, drivers of foreign vehicles may be refused exit from Malaysia if they have outstanding fines, once the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) has been implemented.

The Vehicle Entry Permit is a permit issued by the Road Transport Department  — under Section 66H of the Road Transport Act 1987 — that allows the entry of foreign vehicles into Malaysia.

A spokesman from the Malaysian Royal Police said that officers were dispatched to three different toll stations throughout Rochor during Operation Saman Tertunggak Warganegara Asing (OSTWA) which happened between Nov 24 and Nov 26.

The operation marks the eighth thus far, in which the officers would solicit unpaid fines from foreign drivers, reports Shin Min Daily News

The spokesman continued: "The purpose of the operation is to flush out those drivers with unpaid fines, as well as those who falsify their road taxes and track vehicles which could be linked to illegal activities. 

"It is in preparation for the impending VEP which will be implemented next year."

He warned that foreign drivers with outstanding fines may be refused exit once the VEP has been implemented. 

The Mobile Compound Online Pay System (MCOP) was also utilised during the most recent operation, allowing officers to check the records of drivers who had breached traffic regulations. 

The spokesman added that with the OSTWA operations, foreign drivers with outstanding fines have been on the decline. 

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