Foodpanda rider unfairly charged for undelivered orders despite leaving food with condo management

Submitted by Stomper JX

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A rider has found himself at a loss after he was charged for undelivered orders despite delivering the items to the stated venue.

Stomper JX told Stomp that on Sep 27, a customer placed two orders that he was assigned to deliver to a function room located at a condominium along St Thomas Walk.

"Riders have to take a photo as evidence and upload them to the app," he said.

"However, because this was a function room, there was no unit number so I could only take photos of the food on the table.

"I tried to call the customer but to no avail so I requested the management to take care of the food that was placed there."

On Oct 4, JX received an email from Foodpanda telling him they received feedback that he failed to deliver the orders.

"Without further investigation, they deducted the funds from my wallet," he said.

"In the email they required a POD (proof of delivery).

"How can I have a POD after a week?

"Shouldn't Foodpanda have checked with me on the day itself?

"Additionally, the photo uploaded in the app did not have a function that enables it to be automatically saved on my phone.

"Through this incident, I feel riders are so vulnerable and not protected in many ways."

JX told Stomp he went back to the condominium and checked with the building's management.

"They messaged the customer but he claimed that he received the food but at a later time," he said.

"I could only show this evidence to Foodpanda but guess what?

"They have been ignoring my emails and I have received no updated from them until now, only bot replies."

Now, JX is unsure what he can do to resolve the matter: "Can I make a police report about the customer based on a dishonest act?

"How should I report this to Foodpanda?

"Can the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) help?"