Foodpanda customer 'takes advantage' of delivery riders, calls one of them 'stupid'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Foodpanda delivery rider was frustrated with a customer for 'taking advantage' of riders and being rude.

Stomper Anonymous shared with Stomp screenshots of a chat he had with a customer who had ordered nasi padang from Greenridge Shopping Center to be delivered to Segar Road.

In the texts he shared, the customer asks for a "favour" and proceeds to request the rider add-on sambal telur burung (bird egg sambal) to her meal.

She then asks to add on a begedel (potato cutlet) as well and says she will transfer to him via PayNow because she has no cash.

She also complains that the previous rider is "so stupid" after the Stomper explained that the rider cancelled.

"Basically this customer ordered food from Foodpanda and there was another rider before me and as seen from their chat, the customer asked the rider to get a can of coke and had no cash," he said.

"When I took over the order, I explained that the previous rider cancelled the order and she brutally just said that rider is so stupid.

"Should we receive such comments or feedback if we do not want to purchase extra items out of the order?

"If customers do not have cash why do they still opt for cash in the first place?

"In addition, the way she asked questions one text by one text delays the rider's precious time as it is mandatory for the rider to reply before exiting the conversation and continuing on our journey.

"This act is super dangerous and I hope customers understand it's not that we do not want to give a helping hand but there are factors to consider giving our personal mobile number for such a scenario."