Foodpanda customer gets someone else's Popeyes order -- that's $19.30 cheaper

Submitted by Stomper Jack

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What's worse than getting the wrong order? When the wrong order is worth much less than what you paid.

Stomper Jack ordered two sets of a four-piece Golden Chicken Box meal from Popeyes on Sunday night (Jan 22). He forked out $43.40 for the order made via Foodpanda.

Which means Jack was supposed to get eight pieces of chicken, four biscuits and four Pepsi drinks.

However, he received another customer's three-piece chicken combo meal instead. This consisted of three pieces of chicken, one chicken tender, one cheese fries, one Mac N Cheese, and one Pepsi drink.

When the Stomper went to check prices, he realised the value of the wrong order was $23.70 — a lot lesser than what he paid.

Jack told Stomp: "So apparently our 'Delivery Hero' aka Foodpanda sent me someone else's order. And after checking, it was actually $19.30 cheaper than what I ordered.

"Therefore, I wrote in to Foodpanda and guess what? They refused to refund me the balance.

"The wrong order was almost $20 cheaper than mine, which I highlighted to the online support, but they just rejected my refund request without stating any reason. And all the responses sounded automated."

The Stomper said he initially did not touch the food in hopes of a fair resolution from Foodpanda, only for his refund request to be rejected.

He added: "As such, I opened the food and ate it. Furthermore, I do not think they would collect the order back and resend it to the correct address due to hygiene issues.

"I feel that this is completely unfair. Although I understand that the delivery rider might have unintentionally sent the wrong order but as a consumer, I should be paying for what I get.

"Even though it is a mistake, Foodpanda should not just shirk away all responsibility and their automated responses are not helping anything.

"Now I have to suck thumb and pay for someone else's meal even though Foodpanda made a mistake."

Stomp has contacted Foodpanda for more info.