Foodpanda cancels order at the last minute, even though it has 3.5 hours to do it

Submitted by Stomper Vanessa

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Have you ever waited hours for your food to be delivered to you only to have your order cancelled at the last minute?

That is what happened to Stomper Vanessa who ordered her lunch in advance from Washoku Goen at Wisma Atria via Foodpanda's food delivery app on Tuesday (May 7) at about 9.54am.

When her meal had not arrived at her Newton address by 1.55pm, she became concerned.

She then checked her email and was shocked to find her order had been cancelled at 1.30pm, just 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery time.

She told Stomp she was disappointed with the last-minute cancellation.

"The time between when the order was placed to the cancellation was more than three-and-a-half hours for them to inform me of the cancellation.

"Why wait until 1.30pm?

"I gave Foodpanda three-and-a-half hours reaction time but they only gave me 15 minutes notification.

"To add salt to the wound, the email asked me to re-order.

"Would they have been able to deliver a new order by 1.45pm?

"If the time was too short, wouldn't it have been polite of Foodpanda to give me a call to notify me instead of expecting me to check my email every minute?

"That's basic business courtesy!"

In response to a Stomp media query, a Foodpanda spokesman said they have since apologised to Vanessa and offered her compensation.

"Customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority to us," the spokesman said.

"We have spoken with this customer, extended our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused and offered her compensation accordingly."