Food deliveryman flashes middle finger at woman who asked why he wasn't wearing mask

Submitted by Stomper Aria

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A food delivery rider was caught on camera flashing his middle finger at a Serangoon resident who had pointed out that he was not wearing a mask.

Stomper Aria shared a video of the incident that occurred at Block 140 Serangoon North Avenue 2 on Tuesday (Nov 2), at around 1.50pm.

In the video, the GrabFood rider can be seen raising both hands to flash his middle fingers at the Stomper.

Aria said: "I encountered him in the lift. He was delivering food to the 12th floor.

"He seemed to step a little closer to me and my daughter upon my pointing out that he was not wearing a mask. He also felt the need to express that my 'paranoia is unbelievable’.

"I was angered by his refusal to wear a mask, thus putting me and my daughter’s health at risk. He clearly has no regard for the safety of those around him.

"I have a history of asthma, pneumonia and H1N1. And I’m showing early signs of multiple sclerosis. I can’t have young punks who have no regard for the law passing anything to me."

Stomp has contacted the food delivery company for comment.