Food delivery rider warns of wasted trips to already-closed F&B outlets that still took orders

Submitted by Stomper Peter Yeo

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As the earnings of food delivery riders are dependent on factors such as distance and journey time, a wasted trip can be incredible frustrating.

Stomper Peter Yeo, a Deliveroo rider, shared how he ended up making a wasted trip on Friday night (Nov 19).

He had arrived at a restaurant to fulfil an order, only to find the place already closed. However, he was not compensated for the wasted trip.

Peter told Stomp: "I rode from River Valley to pick up an order at An Acai Affair at Somerset. However, they were already closed when I arrived."

The outlet closes at 10pm on Fridays, according to its Google business listing.

Peter then contacted Deliveroo's support team for help with cancelling the order, but was dismayed to find that he would not be compensated for his wasted time and effort.

The Stomper's next order was KFC at Plaza Singapura.

This time, he Googled the restaurant to check its operating hours first. He realised that the KFC outlet was closed too and the order was subsequently cancelled as well.

Peter added: "This doesn't only happen on Deliveroo. It can happen to all the other food delivery platforms too.

"It affects not only the rider, but the hungry customers as well. They can still order through the app, not knowing that the restaurant is already closed."