Floor tiles suddenly 'pop up' at Bedok North coffee shop during lunch time

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Stomper Anonymous and his wife were having their lunch at a coffee shop at Block 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 when all of a sudden, the tiles on the floor started popping up.

The Stomper was shocked when he saw this happen on Sunday (Sep 27) at 1.30pm and told Stomp about this incident.

He also sent photos of the popped-up floor tiles.

"My wife and I were having lunch at the coffee shop when suddenly, we heard a commotion near the stalls," the Stomper said.

"I soon realised it was because the floor tiles were starting to pop up.

"It was quite a scary sight.

"This area of Bedok is an older estate and there were tons of elderly there.

"An elderly man in a wheelchair actually got stuck as the tiles were popping up.

"A few patrons of the coffee shop and some stall holders immediately went to help him.

"Many others also helped each other get out of the coffee shop safely.

"Soon after, some stall holders actually intentionally broke off some popped tiles to relieve the pressure. 

"The stall holders were experienced, and honestly did a great job of herding everyone away and clearing the area."