Flight attendant in viral photos says she would like to "focus more on my work with AirAsia"

A 24-year-old AirAsia flight attendant who made headlines after candid photos of her on a flight went viral has responded to her sudden fame.

Passenger George Wong had taken two pictures of Mabel Goo during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong on Oct 12 and posted them on Facebook the following day.

His post went viral, with many netizens praising the flight attendant's beauty. However, some also slammed George for snapping photos of Mabel without her permission.


Besides being featured on Stomp, Ipoh-born Mabel even gained the attention of international publications such as Daily Mail and The Sun.

According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, Mabel is "floored by the explosion in interest from all over the world, though apprehensive about some of the undesirable comments."

She said: "I am told it has gone (viral) across China and even the UK. But Iโ€™d like to focus my attention more on my work with AirAsia."

Mabel, whose goal since secondary school is to become a cabin crew member in AirAsia, pursued a degree in business but decided to live out her dream instead.

She has been serving in AirAsia as part of its cabin crew Fun Team, which plans entertainment games on board, for nearly one-and-a-half years.

View more photos of Mabel in the gallery.