Flashing lights heading towards driver turn out to be couple going against traffic on e-scooter

You would think random flashing lights that appear out of nowhere in the middle of the road might spark rumours of extra-terrestrial sightings.

Sadly, a mysterious flashing light this driver came across came across turned out to be a couple travelling on an e-scooter, against the flow of traffic.

It is dangerous enough to travel against the flow of traffic, let alone do so on an e-scooter, coming face-to-face with a bus and a car.

A clip of the incident was posted ROADS.sg by Jefferson Tan.

In the caption for the clip, he said:

""I was traveling along Guillemard Road towards Nicoll Highway when I noticed a bright light that seemed to be coming closer towards me.

"My natural instinct was to avoid it.

"Turns out it was a couple on an electric scooter going against the flow of traffic in the center lane.

"That was an extremely senseless stunt, endangering not only their own lives but motorists also.

"Luckily for them traffic was rather light that night. Happened 4th June 2017, 10:19 pm."