First it was crayfishes on MRT train, now it's crab on the loose at Plaza Singapura

Submitted by Stomper Clarence

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Is Aquaman near our shores or is there something else at work that we are unaware of?

On October 31, Stomp posted a story about how hilarity ensued after a couple of crayfishes escaped from an unfortunate commuter's plastic bag on board an MRT train.

Yesterday (Nov 2), Stomper Clarence's wife came across something similar, this time at Plaza Singapura.

She saw a crab that was on the loose at the third storey of the mall at around 10.15am.

In a video the Stomper sent, the creature can be seen walking sideways on the floor outside some shops.

There were no patrons around the crab when the video was taken.

The Stomper is not sure where the crustacean came from but suspects that it might have escaped from a restaurant or an eatery.