First April's Fool, now Rendangate: 'Someone please give an award to SCDF's social media team'

Submitted by Stomper Gregory

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The social media team behind the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has been on a roll, continually churning out posts that are not just relevant, but witty and humorous as well.

Stomper Gregory wrote to Stomp commenting on two of SCDF’s most recent posts on Facebook.

The first post, a mockumentary video released for April Fool’s Day featured a wacky fictitious new service, ‘The Ambulance Choir Ensemble’ (ACE).

As explained in the video, ACE serves to override the audio system of an emergency vehicle with familiar tunes that would encourage obstructing motorists ahead to give way.

Said in the video:

“You know, the great thing about ACE is that it allows us to better manage drivers obstructing our way.

“With just the touch of a button, ACE will override your vehicle’s audio system with some familiar tunes. 

“This purpose-built state of the art system will sound the most suitable tunes to encourage obstructing vehicles to give way.”

The SCDF social media team also did not forget to slip in a meaningful message at the end of the video, encouraging drivers to give way to emergency vehicles. 

The second public service announcement post featured an illustration telling users that fires can be caused by unattended cooking, but delivers the serious message in a lighthearted manner, drawing from the ‘Rendangate’ incident. 

The Rendangate incident is a resulting backlash from netizens after a Masterchef UK judge, Gregg Wallace recently criticised a contestant’s chicken rendang for not being ‘crispy enough’.

Said Wallace:

“I like the rendang flavour, there's a coconut sweetness, however, the chicken skin isn't crispy. It can't be eaten and all the sauce is on the skin, I can't eat.”

Netizens were riled up by the comment, insisting that the judge is unfamiliar with Asian cuisine and rendang should never be crispy.

The SCDF social media team were once again, able to align their message with a timely and relevant issue, showing that they aren’t just media savvy, but as Gregory puts it, ‘worthy of an award.’

Said Gregory:

“Someone please give an award to SCDF's social media team. From their April Fool’s video to the chicken rendang burn, I dare say they know how to use social media well. 

“Their first video smartly incorporated a key message about not blocking ambulances while their rendang post showed their cheeky side. 

“I am amazed and captivated.”

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