Fire involving bicycles and discarded items breaks out along flat corridor at Yishun Ring Rd

Submitted by Stomper Jeremy Lifesaver, Evon, Leong

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A fire broke out on the 12th-floor corridor of Block 388, Yishun Ring Road on Saturday night (July 28).

A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) spokesman told Stomp that it was alerted to the fire at around 11.15pm, 

The fire which involved two bicycles and discarded items outside a unit on the 12th floor was put out with a water jet, and there were no reported injuries. 

The spokesman added:

“The cause of fire is under investigation.”

Stomper Jeremy Lifesaver standing at his corridor along Block 367 when he heard a fire bike whizzed past his block. 

A user of the SCDF myResponder app, Jeremy immediately checked his phone to see if there had been an incident nearby, but could not find any anomalies. 

Said Jeremy:

“The app usually alerts the readers if there are cases nearby, such as cardiac arrest victims, or small fires.

“It didn’t sound out yesterday though.”

A new function initiated in April this year, registered users of the myResponder app will receive a fire alert notification if an incident occurs within a 400m radius, reports The Straits Times

These minor fire incidents pose minimal risk to even untrained responders. 

The users can then proceed to put out the fires with a domestic hose, fire extinguisher or rubbish chute drenched systems.

After the fire bike passed by his block, Jeremy Lifesaver said he saw another three fire engines. Curious, he decided to head down to investigate. 

He saw a crowd gathering around Block 388 and realised that there had been a fire on the 12th floor of the block.

Jeremy said:

“When I got there, the fire had already been put out. There was smoke on the 12th storey still.”

Jeremy said that he was not surprised that a fire had broken out, adding:

“It is not surprising. You tell the residents not to hoard and keep items outside because it is a fire safety hazard but they usually don’t listen.

“When a fire happens, it is too late.”

Fortunately, he added, the fire was contained to the corridor and no one’s homes were affected. 

Stomper Leong, also a resident from a block nearby, told Stomp that he saw residents from the nearby block form a human chain to put out the flames. 

Stomper Evon who was in an opposite block also witnessed the fire, and took a video which she sent to Stomp. 

She told Stomp that she first saw the fire on the 12th storey at around 11.10pm.

In the video that she took, a fire could be seen on the corridor, with smoke billowing. 

Evon also took a photo of the Block 388 this morning (July 29), which showed a segment of the wall that had been blackened after the fire.