Fire breaks out at Peninsula Plaza on Friday night

Submitted by Stomper Regina

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A fire broke out at around 10.12pm yesterday night (Jan 5) on the 2nd floor of the Peninsula Plaza.

Stomper Regina who was working in the building was on the way home at around 11.45pm when she realised that the lifts were not working.

She then proceeded to take the stairs.

When she reached the 5th floor, she was shocked to see that the entire corridor was filled with smoke.

She said:

“It was quite bad.

“I quickly used the stairs and got out of the building.

“Outside the building, I saw a fire engine.

“(I’m) Not sure where the fire was.

"The fire alarm was going on for a while. 

“Fortunately, there weren’t many people working at this timing”

In response to a Stomp query, a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) spokesman said:

“SCDF was alerted to a fire incident at Peninsular Plaza at 10.12pm. 

“The fire involved contents of two units on the 2nd floor and was extinguished by SCDF using two water jets. 

“No one was injured.

“SCDF is still investigating the cause of the fire.”

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