Fire breaks out at Block 92 Commonwealth Ave at praying altar in unit

Submitted by Stomper Sophia

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A fire broke out at a unit in Block 92 Commonwealth Drive at around 10pm yesterday (Sep 25).

Stomper Sophia, a resident of the unit next to the fire, captured the video after being woken up by her brother who said he saw the smoke.

She was sleeping with her daughter and they immediately woke up to see if there was any instruction to evacuate.

She said: "There were many people standing outside the burning unit. People were banging on the door and windows to see if anyone was home, but there was no one."

"The neighbours are quite close, so before the firemen arrived, they tried asking around to see if anyone had the contact details of the owner of the unit. In the end they managed to call the owner's son who told his father about the fire."

"It wasn't that chaotic though, the firemen were efficient and managed to put out the fire fast," she added.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told Stomp they were alerted of a fire at around 10.55pm.

They said: "It occurred at a praying altar in the living room of a unit and was extinguished with one water jet."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and there are no reported injuries. 

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