Fight at Guangzhou airport: Colleague was standing up for woman after queue-cutter punched her from the back

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The colleague of a man involved in a fight with another older passenger at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport on Aug 30 has provided more details about the altercation.

The incident occurred at around 12.30pm, outside the boarding gate of Singapore Airlines flight SQ851.

Stomper Cedric had recorded a video of two male passengers fighting and sent it to Stomp.

One guy was dressed in a green shirt while the other, who appeared to be older, was wearing a white shirt.

A woman, who identified herself as the colleague of the man in green but declined to give her name, contacted Stomp today (Sep 1) to give her side of the story.

In a phone interview, she said that the older man in white had punched her in the back and then cut the queue for boarding, even though he had earlier been sitting down instead of lining up like the rest of the passengers,

She told Stomp: "Before this, my two colleagues and I were all in the SIA lounge. We are all Singaporean business travellers. The old man was also there and one of my colleagues noticed him behaving rudely towards the staff.

"Later, we went to queue at the boarding gate. As I was still searching for my passport, my colleagues went ahead and got into line first.

"They saw the old man sitting on a chair at the side. He had already used his belongings to 'chope' the first spot in the line.

"Having noticed the old man's behaviour in the lounge earlier, my colleague pulled me away when I went to join them in the queue so that I would not be standing near the old man.

"That was when the old man in white punched me in my back and I fell forward. Fortunately, I did not fall onto the ground.

"Even though I was standing behind his belongings, he came to my face and started shouting at me, 'You stand in the back!'

"I asked him why he had to push me because he could have talked nicely. I asked him if this was the way to treat a woman and he started raising his hand, as if to hit me.

"My colleague, worried that the old man wanted to punch me, intervened and that was when the old man flew off the handle.

"He started threatening and warning us. He also went to my colleague and wanted to start a fight. My colleague did not want to engage in a fight with him, but the old man started kicking my colleague.

"This is what happened before the video was recorded.

"Although the airport staff helped to restrain the old man in white, I asked for the police to be called but nobody did anything.

"Eventually, the old man went right to the front of the queue and we all boarded the aircraft."