Female rider learns painful reason after trying to squeeze in front of truck at Eunos Link

A female rider was knocked down by a truck after she tried to squeeze in front of it today (Aug 1) at Eunos Link.

A video was posted on Roads.sg's Facebook page by Lin Htet Aung who said that the incident happened at 8.30am near the junction towards the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).

In the video, several vehicles are waiting for the traffic lights to turn in their favour.

While waiting, a motorcyclist is seen squeezing in front of a huge truck in order to drive between other vehicles to get to the front.

A few minutes later at the 32-second mark, another rider attempted to do the same thing, entering the truck driver's blind spot.

The truck driver then proceeded to drive forwards knocking her off her bike and pushing both her bike and her for a short distance.

She then leapt to her feet to get out of the way once the driver stopped and realised what had happened.

Fortunately, she did not appear to be hurt.

The same cannot be said about her motorcycle.

The video is a reminder to motorcyclists to be aware of truck blind spots and to avoid them for their own safety.

Watch the video below.