Female passenger fractures right arm from fall after bus abruptly stops in Tampines

A 60-year-old woman fractured her right arm after a bad fall on a bus when the driver allegedly jammed on the brakes before a traffic light. 

The incident happened on Wednesday (May 17) at around 10.20am, and the 26-year-old son of the victim told reporters his mother was on her way to a wet market at Tampines Street 11, onboard bus service 39, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

Said the victim’s son:

“My mother had boarded the bus with a trolley when the bus abruptly stopped, causing her to fall.”

According to an account by the victim, two female passengers then helped her up and seated her down.

She also said that she had felt dizzy while breaking a cold sweat.

Her right wrist was also in pain. 

The victim’s son reiterated:

“The bus driver saw that my mother had injured her arm and quickly called for an ambulance.”

Upon a preliminary examination by paramedics at the scene, it was determined that her fingers could move normally.

He continued:

“She (my mother) was worried that she would be hospitalised alone, and the trolley would be left unattended, so she did not go to a hospital for treatment and instead, returned home.”

However, the pain in the victim’s arm started getting more intense, and she could not sleep:

“My mother visited a polyclinic the next morning and after an X-ray examination, found that she had fractured her right elbow and the back of her right palm.

“She was then conveyed to an Intensive Care Unit.”

The son also told reporters that although doctors initially want to operate on his mother immediately, they ultimately scheduled the surgery on Thursday (May 18) instead as there were no surgeons available:

“They inserted a metal plate, wires and screws into my mother’s right arm during the operation.

“I don’t know how she will pass through the security checks at airports now.”

The son added that his mother had initially told him that she had fallen down at home as she did not want him to worry, but after he found out about the truth, he had approached SBS Transit for an explanation:

“I contacted the company and told them I want a report or footage of the incident.

“They told me that they could not give me the footage, and I understand their decision.

“However, I do not understand why they could not even offer me a report.

“I lodged a police report after that.”

He also emphasised that he did not seek compensation, but merely wanted to solicit an explanation from the company, on why the driver had suddenly jammed on the brakes, and why his mother had fallen down. 

When asked about the incident, a spokesperson from SBS Transit told reporters that the company is committed to cooperating with the victim and is willing to provide the assistance she needs.