Female engineer who fell down escalator at Queenstown thanks kind souls who helped her

The 39-year-old woman who fell down an escalator at Queenstown MRT Station on Saturday afternoon (Sep 16) has clarified how the accident happened.

Shin Min Daily News had earlier reported that the woman was using her phone while going down the escalator, according to a witness.

She then slipped, fell and lost consciousness. She was subsequently sent to National University Hospital (NUH).

The victim, a female engineer, later contacted Shin Min to clarify that she had not been using her phone at the time of the incident. Rather, her phone was in her bag.

Ms Liu said: "At that time, I was holding an umbrella, which was slippery and dropped onto the escalator. I was squatting down to pick it up when I accidentally fell.

She recounted how she rolled down one or two steps before coming to a halt, knocking the back of her head in the process.

The impact left her feeling dazed and unable to speak properly, although she remained conscious.

"I heard a male and a female voice behind me. I felt the woman supporting me to prevent me from rolling down [the escalator] further, while the man pressed the emergency button, stopping the escalator immediately," said Ms Liu.

She was still in a blur and heard a commotion around her, as well as somebody saying that they were unable to locate her Identification Card.

Ms Liu then passed out.

She added: "At the hospital, I was still in a confused state. Fortunately, only my right leg suffered abrasions. My head is fine.

"I am really grateful to the two kind souls who helped me."