Female driver suddenly jams on brakes at amber light, causing Stomper to crash into car's rear

Submitted by Stomper Azman

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Stomper Azman was driving along Choa Chu Kang Road towards Bukit Batok Road on May 18 at about 10am when a car in front of him suddenly stopped as traffic lights at a junction turned amber. 

This caused the Stomper to rear-end the blue Toyota in front of him.

"I was shocked," said Azman.

"Why would the driver suddenly brake at an amber light?

"Fortunately, there was nobody else in my car except for me."

Azman said when they both got out of their cars, the female driver immediately said it was his fault.

Sharing a video of the incident taken from his car's dashboard camera, Azman wanted to show he was not completely in the wrong.

(Story continues after video)

Azman told Stomp the damage done onto his car cost him about $600 to repair.

He added that the repair works to the woman's car cost over $1,000 and that she wants to claim insurance.

"I don't think it's fair for me to pay if it's not completely my fault," he said.

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