FB user refutes claims that couple with spilled eggs are hoarders, says they work at school canteen

A picture speaks a thousand words — but not always the correct ones when taken out of context.

A man and a woman were accused of being hoarders after beng photographed with a trolley piled high with trays of eggs. One picture also showed them with eggs spilled on the ground.

Netizens were quick to blast the couple for being hoarders amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen crowds panic buying groceries at supermarkets.

However, a Facebook user has since clarified that the couple are school canteen vendors who needed the eggs for their business.

In a post on Saturday (Mar 21), Facebook user Bernice Ong said: "These are my friend’s parents. I know them personally and they are honest and hardworking hawkers at a local school.

"It’s sad that they are now being brand as hoarders and being ridiculed on social media. But in actual fact, they needed the eggs for their business."

According to Ong, the couple had to purchase eggs from the market after dropping their usual supplier due to a "quality issue".

Ong also shared her friend's side of the story, about how the latter's parents had difficulties getting eggs as they were sold out due to actually hoarders and "finally found a supplier who could sold them eggs in time for new school term to open."

The friend apparently also said: "I am filing a police report and gonna do the same to the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) office while also highlighting to Facebook that these are false news.”

Ong's post has garnered over 3,500 shares to date, with many netizens also agreeing that it would not make sense to hoard eggs due to their short shelf life.

One user commented: "Rumours spread faster than Covid-19."