FB user says she was intimidated by man at USS, but witnesses tell a different story

Submitted by Stomper Elijah

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A woman, Xia Amber, has taken to Facebook to voice her displeasure after getting into an argument with a man and his wife at Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa, but witnesses to the altercation have come forward to share a different account of what happened. 

Stomper Elijah alerted Stomp to Amber's post, in which she detailed that she, a friend, and their kids were watching fireworks when the man allegedly crossed over the head of her friend’s 3-year-old daughter, almost stepping on her head.

Amber and her friend then confronted the man’s female companion when he left his seat, to ask her to remind him to ‘be mindful of young children when he’s walking’.

When the man returned to his seat, his female companion told him about the conversation she had with Amber and her friend.

Amber then accused the man of flying into a rage and shouting at them, while insisting that it wasn’t his fault even if he had stepped on her friend’s daughter's head.

She added that the man demanded a apology from them instead and also used the flash on his mobile phone to momentarily blind their children, saying that “I was so shocked and stopped him from flashing my kid.”

The post enraged many who slammed the man for his unruly behaviour.

However, her story was contested by Facebook user Brandon Lye, who claimed to be sitting nearby during the incident.

Brandon wrote in a comment to Amber's Facebook post:

“I happened to be sitting nearby.

“Luckily, I saw this post on Facebook, otherwise the poor guy would have gotten blamed for your lies.

“You were in a big group, and your husband was there too, a fact you conveniently left out.

“You then intimidated the woman with your numbers when she was left alone, while her husband was away.

“Of course the guy will get angry right?

“After that, you demanded that he apologise to your children for scaring them and accused the man of hitting the girl on the head.”

Another user, Tien Goh, who was apparently also present during the incident, claimed that Amber was lying.

Tien wrote:

“That woman (Amber) was not being honest.

“Her husband was there too.

“What I saw was the two women (Amber and her friend) and one more man ganging up on the so called scum.

“If he was the one screaming at the ladies, she (Amber) would have upload a video of the incident, not just photos.”