FB user asks guy to make 'booking payment', says her uncle is 'professional killer at Thailand'

What appeared to start out as a solicitation text took an unusual turn in no time.

Facebook Messenger screenshots posted by user Barry Tay show how a woman (supposedly) was trying to get him to 'book' her.

The woman, whose profile picture showed a scantily-clad female, also asked Barry to deposit his "booking payment" into her bank account.

When Barry asked "how much", the woman offered him rates ranging from $150 for four hours to $400 for 12 hours.

However, the conversation soon went downhill when Barry replied: "You better book me if not I call the police".

Undeterred, the woman told him to go ahead and call the police, adding: "My uncle is professional killer at Thailand".

Barry did not back down either and continued with a retort of his own.

Check out the full conversation in the gallery.