F&B owner says she was naive to lease kitchen with no doors or locks after calling police on trespassers

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April 12, 2023

Considering cost-cutting measures for your business? One thing you don’t want to stinge on is rental, says one business owner. 

Jayce Ho, owner of SGBrisketKitchen, recently took to TikTok to share how she began her food delivery business, highlighting the rookie mistake she made in leasing a kitchen that had no doors or locks. 

Ho said that in order to save on rent, she leased an open-concept kitchen – much like a shared office space – that had no doors or windows. She did not reveal the exact location of the premises. 

At the time, she also based her decision on the fact that she wouldn’t be using the kitchen space every day, as she still had a full-time job elsewhere.

Big mistake, she said. 

@sgbrisketkitchen Part 2 of my series where happens when you start your F&B business in singapore. And this unfortunately was one of my biggest mistake which resulted in a police case. #sgfoodie #sgsmallbusiness #SGBrisketKitchen #sgentrepreneur #sgfyp #sgtiktok ♬ original sound - SGBrisketKitchen

Without a locking device, Ho discovered that other tenants of the shared facility trespassed, rested on her bed and used her table on multiple occasions. 

"I was so naive to think that this place was cheap and I should get it, but it was at the expense of my privacy and security," she said. 

In December 2021, she even witnessed CCTV footage of two men trespassing into her kitchen. One of them appeared to be giving the other a “guided tour” of the place.  

"I got the shock of my life. What are these two (men) doing in my kitchen and touching my things?" she said. 

"I called the police... but I didn't want to pursue the matter so they were let off with a stern warning." 

"This is why it's so important, even if you are starting out with limited finding, to (prioritise) your security and privacy."

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