Faves Asia promises woman 2 Jay Chou concert tickets, changes it to 1 -- then says it's been given away

Submitted by Stomper Miki

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Stomper Miki took part in a giveaway by social media marketing agency, Faves Asia, for a pair of tickets to a Jay Chou concert, but was shocked after they changed it to a single ticket, and then told her that the ticket had already been given away. 

In a phone interview with Stomp, Miki said that she had first come to know about the giveaway on Wednesday (Dec 26), and decided to take part. 

A spokesman, Sky Lim, subsequently messaged her on Facebook, asking if she has liked Faves’s Facebook page and followed their Instagram account.

Sky clarified that there will be just a single ticket, instead of a pair, as described in the giveaway post. 

On Friday (Dec 28), Sky messaged Miki on her phone, informing her that she had won the ticket, and asked to arrange a time for her to collect the prize. 

Miki took the chance to ask about the seating arrangements, as her friend wanted to buy a seat next to hers so they could go for the contest together. 

However, she was informed by Sky that it would be impossible as Faves had purchased tickets for seats 33 to 41 of Row G. 

Sky asked Miki if she was sure that she will be attending the concert without her friend, to which Miki replied:

“Oh yes, I’m definitely going.”

The two then agreed for the collection to be on Tuesday (Jan 2).

On Sunday (Dec 30), Miki dropped Sky a message, asking if there were any updates.

Sky asked her if he could pass her the tickets on the day of the concert itself, Saturday (Jan 6) instead.

Miki then told him that her sister-in-law will collect the tickets from Faves’s office, on her behalf.

Sky also told her that she would not need any documents.  

However, on Monday (Jan 1),  Miki received another message from Sky at 12.07am, saying that the ticket had been given out to another winner who had been shortlisted.

Read the message:

“Sorry to inform that my colleague have given out the last Jay Chou ticket to another giveaway winner that he shortlisted.

“You should have come last Friday to collect haha.

“Nonetheless, Happy New Year!”

Said Miki:

“I feel it’s very ridiculous.

“I know it’s within Faves’s rights to change the prizes, but they just dropped me a message and tell me that my ticket was given away.

“I just feel that the giveaway was not genuine.”

Miki also posted about her experience on her Facebook page

Faves Asia previously came under flak for a recruitment video which many netizens found 'offensive'. 

In response to a Stomp query, a Faves Asia spokesman said:

"We sincerely apologise for the misunderstanding and unhappiness caused to Miki.

Here is Faves Asia's statement, edited for clarity:

"During our arrangement on the tickets collection, Miki was supposed to collect the tickets last friday (Dec 29) but cancelled due to her company event.

"After, she asked if her 'SIL' could collect it on her behalf. 

"However, when we wanted to clarify what SIL meant, she only replied with an 'okay'.

"Since then, her point of contact, the 'SIL' did not contact us.

"There was no confirmation given to us about the exact collection time or date.

"As the Jay Chou concert is approaching in few days time, we needed to give out the tickets to someone who is sincere and able to collect them on time.

"After waiting for about a day and a half for Miki's response (from either herself or her point of contact), we’ve decided to issue the ticket to another person (whom we have considered as one of the winners from the beginning).

"The other person had responded to us quickly and arranged a date to collect the tickets from us.

"Faves has since tried to reach out to Miki to make good on our promise by purchasing another ticket for her or compensating her with cash.

"However, we have not received a response from her despite multiple calls.

"Faves would like to thank the participants, winners and members of the public for their patience in our learning process."