Father of three performed oral sex on sleeping male tenant without his consent due to 'urge'

A father of three young children crept into his tenant's bedroom and performed non-consensual oral sex on the sleeping victim due to "an urge to have sex with another man".

Former project engineer Waduge Buddhika Upashantha Fernando, 38, pleaded guilty on Wednesday (June 28) to one count of non-consensual sexual penetration.

According to The Straits Times, the offence occurred in a Kim Keat Avenue flat in Toa Payoh, home to the married Singaporean, who is originally from Sri Lanka, and his family.

His tenant, a 28-year-old Malaysian cook, had lived in the unit for about four months before the incident.

As the victim was usually out of the flat by 9am and only back at 11pm every day, his interaction with the rest if the household was minimal.

On Nov 10 last year, the victim returned to the flat at around 11.30pm and fell asleep in his room about one and a half hours later.

At around 3am, Fernando returned home. He was about to head out again to a nearby market when he felt an urge to have sex with another man.

The tenant woke up about 10 minutes later and saw Fernando committing the offence.

"The victim yelled and kicked at the accused instinctively... The accused left the room and then left the flat immediately," said the prosecution.

The tenant, who was "shocked and did not know how to react", alerted the police about an hour later.

Fernando's lawyer, Mr Amolat Singh, pleaded for a five-year jail sentence for his client.

He told the judge: "He did not use any violence or any force or any stupefying drug to overcome the victim's resistance or to obliterate his memory.

"There was no moral corruption nor is there any evidence that the victim suffered grave psychological or emotional trauma."

Fernando, who got married in Sri Lanka in 2008 and became a Singaporean with his wife in 2013, is now out on bail of $25,000. He will be back in court on July 17.

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