Father-in-law of armed robber at Woodlands Checkpoint: 'He led my daughter astray!'

The father-in-law of an armed man who stole a woman’s car at knifepoint, and crashed it near Woodlands Checkpoint on Friday (Jan 5), said that his son-in-law had led his daughter astray. 

Zhou Yuan Meng, 43, had seized control of the car in Upper Bukit Timah Road at around 1.30pm and collided with a lamp post near the checkpoint about 15 minutes later.

A witness told The Straits Times that eight to 10 officers had approached the car and asked the man to open the door, but he refused. 

Holding a weapon, he eventually alighted and waved it at officers who approached him.

He was arrested for armed robbery, possession of offensive weapons and suspected drug-related offences, following a stand-off which lasted about 20 minutes. 

According to Shin Min Daily News, the man’s wife, Lin Yanyan, 43, has also been charged in court as a suspected loanshark-runner. 

On the morning of Jan 2, 2018, at around 2.22am,  Lin and her husband had harassed flat owner on Canberra Road along Sembawang. 

Both Zhou and Yan were charged in court on Saturday (Jan 6). 

The court heard that the couple threw red paint on the door of the unit, and use a bicycle lock to chain the metal gates shut. 

They also wrote down the owner’s name and information on the wall of the corridor, demanding that he pay his debts. 

Reporters contacted Lin’s father, who told them that his daughter had always been a filial and responsible girl who would work to supplement the household income.

However, after getting to know her future husband, she became temperamental and rebellious. 

Said the heartbroken father:

“Not long after that got to know each other, they got married.

“We (Lin’s parents) were very against the marriage, but our daughter insisted on being with him.

"He led my daughter astray!"

He revealed that before promising his daughter’s hand to Zhou, he had asked about the latter’s background. 

Zhou had told him that he was a fruit stall owner but confessed that he had once stolen a car, and was imprisoned for it.

Lin’s father added:

“My daughter had a previous marriage in 2007 but parted with her husband as they were incompatible. 

“This time, she met the wrong guy again.

“She had at least four suitors.

"I don’t know why she had to pick him (Zhou).”

According to Lin’s father, Lin worked as a sales personnel with a publisher, while Zhou was a salesman in a handphone shop. 

They had once told him that they were facing financial difficulties.